yankee candle hyped up a flash mob for 2 and a half weeks? ugh. it’s okay, I’ll still buy their candles just not too impressed. 

Was that it? seriously? a flash mob at a yankee candle store? THAT WAS IT!?!?!?!?!?!

Thanks @taylorswift @subway. I totally didn’t go to subway just to get the cup. ;)

When attending a Hozier concert, it’s very important to accompany the band on your invisible instruments. abigail_lauren

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Host your own 1989 Album Launch Party and get some VERY special perks! Details here: smarturl.it/1989Party

- Taylor Nation

HQ cover of Taylor Swift for Nashville Lifestyles!

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Taylor Swift for Nashville Lifestyles

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taylorswift I’m ready to be broke (from buying all your merch) and today it starts with Subway.

Subway: We want you to #MeetTaylor. Grab a Diet Coke® collectable cup from SUBWAY® for your chance to meet Taylor Swift!

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