fearlesspeaknow is an attempt to tell a story. A story of a girl from Nashville who had big dreams with stories to tell. This blog is dedicated to the wonderful Taylor Swift. Thank you for following me and taking this journey with me. I love you all.


LAURENNNN BBY! Happy 23rd birthday sweet girl! Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me and calming me down when needed. I can’t thank you, and Taylor enough for bringing me one of my best friends and soon to be my bridesmaid. I hope today is magical and everything you’ve ever wanted. Here’s to the girl who believes in love, fairytales, royalty, art, the holy spirit, friends & family….Here’s to the brave girl! 

Everyone wish Lauren (fearlesslove13) a wonderful 23rd birthday! <3

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    I am about to cry, THIS IS AMAZING YOU ARE AMAZING OH MY WORD. I have no words, thank you times a million Destiny. I am...
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