fearlesspeaknow is an attempt to tell a story. A story of a girl from Nashville who had big dreams with stories to tell. This blog is dedicated to the wonderful Taylor Swift. Thank you for following me and taking this journey with me. I love you all.

*listening to stay, stay, stay and Ryan is in the room*
ryan: she sounds a bit crazy. she threw her phone at him.
me: *glares*

Every single time I’m interested in getting a bulldog puppy, everyone I come into contact with is a scammer. I just want a bulldog more than anyone can know and I feel I will never have the opportunity :’(

me: I am a fashionista.
Ryan: uhm..most the things you look at in the store are sequins or old lady cat sweaters.
me: ugh.

Ashley come to South Dakota please. We have a guest bedroom. We’ll set it up and we’ll annoy Ryan with Taylor swift dance parties.

Ryan: I don't know why you put Taylor on this pedestal, you act like she's a demigod or something.
Me: that's cause she is...

Ryan and I adopted a sweet little 4 year old dog today from The Humane Society. She will have her spay surgery on Tuesday and we should have her sometime next week! :) She’s such a sweetie, she’s timid/nervous/anxious but she will have a forever home here. 

in other news, I quit my job at JCPenney. oh lovely, okay. yeah. 

I think Ryan and I are going to go see Frozen tomorrow. I’m just hearing TOO much about it NOT to go see it. 

*me trying to shake my sock off my foot* *Ryan turns around*
Ryan: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? you weirdo.
*destiny dies laughing*

So Ryan might or might not have accidentally ruined what he got me for Christmas. haha

He wrapped my gifts tonight while I was at work. I walk into the kitchen and on the table is the Amazon invoices from what was in the mail a few days ago. 

A pink Nintendo 3DS and Zelda. I felt so bad! :(

Ryan is playing a cowboy shooter game and I’m on tumblr listening to Taylor. 

We are 2 different people. haha

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