Ashley come to South Dakota please. We have a guest bedroom. We’ll set it up and we’ll annoy Ryan with Taylor swift dance parties.

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Ryan: I don't know why you put Taylor on this pedestal, you act like she's a demigod or something.
Me: that's cause she is...

Ryan and I adopted a sweet little 4 year old dog today from The Humane Society. She will have her spay surgery on Tuesday and we should have her sometime next week! :) She’s such a sweetie, she’s timid/nervous/anxious but she will have a forever home here. 

in other news, I quit my job at JCPenney. oh lovely, okay. yeah. 

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I think Ryan and I are going to go see Frozen tomorrow. I’m just hearing TOO much about it NOT to go see it. 


*me trying to shake my sock off my foot* *Ryan turns around*
Ryan: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? you weirdo.
*destiny dies laughing*

So Ryan might or might not have accidentally ruined what he got me for Christmas. haha

He wrapped my gifts tonight while I was at work. I walk into the kitchen and on the table is the Amazon invoices from what was in the mail a few days ago. 

A pink Nintendo 3DS and Zelda. I felt so bad! :(


Ryan is playing a cowboy shooter game and I’m on tumblr listening to Taylor. 

We are 2 different people. haha


Ryan: are you even that active on tumblr anymore?
Me: uh....I don't know really. I guess?
+ryan;  +I mean I'm not as much as I use to be;  +getting kinda bored with the site;  +:(;  

If Ryan is going to get a car/truck I wish he would so he would stop talking about it….it’s about to annoy the mess outta me. Haha


click the photo! ^!

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