I saw a girl in Applebees with a Taylor Swift shirt on and I seriously felt like I knew her. 

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"I hope it’s nice where you are. And I hope the sun shines and it’s beautiful day…." @taylorswift

So this morning we see Taylor, in bed with her cat and then, later in the day she rolls out into public looking like a flawless bitch.

I’m done with you Taylor Swift. You’re too perfect.

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I am so sorry this is so late. I’ve been busy with school work and it just dawned on me and it’s almost 5 AM. haha 

anyway. one of  my favorite looks from a photoshoot is the one she did for Glamour, specifically this look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. I like the sparkly look and the brown belt just adds a little contrast to it. Not huge on the heels but they do look good with the belt tied in. And of course, the famous bag we all know Taylor stole. haha kidding. But we’ve seen that bag many times, in which I love. Just classic look in my opinion but the sparkle of the dress adds that special twist. 

my favorite outfit from the RED album photoshoot. She really capitalized on the high waisted shorts this era and she has the ability to pull them off no questions asked. I like the messy look off the shirt paired with the cleaner shorts and hat. The outfit has the ability to be messy but clean at the same time. And of course, the red lip always (to me) adds that little pop of color without going overboard. It’s classic. 

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Each Monday (or Tuesday in this case) I highlight some of my favorite Taylor Swift looks of all time. Have you checked them out?

We go back to 2013 when Taylor was photographed going to the Grove in Los Angeles. This to me signifies the “California look.” I love the simple shorts with the more abstract top. I’m not a huge fan of the peep toe heels with this particular look but some how, as always, Taylor still is able to pull it off. Also, I always love when Taylor wears her wayfarer Ray Bans. They look perfecto on her! :)

What are your thoughts on this particular look?

Taylor showed a little big of clevage (okay a lot) back in 2013 at the PCA’s. While I was a little shocked at the low neckline, I really liked it. I loved her makeup and I liked the pop of teal in her earrings. While I wasn’t a huge fan of her hair, I think my opinion on it has changed since then. Taylor never fails to look great in her own unique way! 

What do you think of this red carpet look!?

With the Billboard Music Awards that was last night, I saw it fitting to post my favorite BBMA look from Taylor. I love the blue sparkly sequined dress. It seems quite simple but like always, she’s able to pull it off and make it her own. I also really enjoy the shoes. I like how they’re a different shade of blue and almost more like a navy blue. Also the ring she was wearing on her right hand, which was a blue/white (or silver) 3 fingered ring, I just loved. I love 3 fingered rings. All in all, just a favorite Red (or in this case blue) carpet look!

In light of the 2014 MET Gala that just passed, I take a look back at my favorite MET Gala look from Miss TSwift. This look was very out of the ordinary for Taylor but kept fit with the theme of the year. I loved the dark soultry smokey make up look and the black nail polish is always a staple in my opinion. While the hair wasn’t a particular favorite of mine I think it goes well with the rest of the ensemble. 

What did you guys think of this look? 

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