I’ve had this blog since October of 2010 and I’ve worked really hard on it and I only hope that Taylor Swift notices it some day. 

yet another reminder that I will NEVER meet Taylor Swift.  But I am so happy for Rachel. remember when we went to see Megan & Liz together and we talked about Taylor and tumblr lol Happy for everyone else who got to hang with her!

almost 1 year ago today. It turned out perfectly. It was small, really small, but it was us. It was our day. Walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of Love Story. I had to incorporate Taylor Swift some how.

Taylor appeared cute as a button this past Friday at the iheart radio music festival in Las Vegas. When she first came out, her outfit was very “katy perry-esque” and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but the more she performed I began loving it even more. Not only was the outfit 1989-like, it was also very appropriate for Vegas. Vegas is big on bling and sparkles and confetti, etc. The shoes, I will admit was not a huge fan of but I loved the amount of sparkle in the microphone, her outfit, the shoes, her ring on her index finger was gorgeous and her hair was very subtle and sweet. A+ performance, A+ outfit, A+ way to kick of a 2 night festival in Las Vegas. 

So Taylor Swift, you slayed. IKYWT sounded so great and I think it’s one of my favorite live performances. Shake it off was so fun, your outfit was so fun, that ring you had on your index finger, girl, loved it. Your vocals were on point, the instrumentals were on point and there IS NO OTHER WAY to start a festival than what we just witnessed Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Thank you for existing. 

I have an internship interview in the morning for a group that helps suicidal victims talk through the form of texting. My anxiety is high and a follow from Taylor Swift would just make my anxiety go do….let’s be real, it would go up even more. 

Tim McGraw just came on iTunes and I’m bawled up in a corner wallowing in the puddle of my tears, Taylor Swift. 

I started this blog in 2011 and I’ve been dedicated to it since then. Almost 7000 followers later and I’m still here. I love you. Everything you represent. Thank you for following us and sharing your love with us. We have LOVED sharing our love with you, Taylor Swift. 

oh taylor swift what a mess you have made today with the Taylor fandom. We’re still trying to bring our blood pressure back up. 

it’s been a week since one certain song came out and was released and you know what? it’s still on repeat.