fearlesspeaknow is an attempt to tell a story. A story of a girl from Nashville who had big dreams with stories to tell. This blog is dedicated to the wonderful Taylor Swift. Thank you for following me and taking this journey with me. I love you all.


it’s been a week since one certain song came out and was released and you know what? it’s still on repeat.

While Shake It Off is such a jam, it’s nice to go back and listen to All Too Well. I can jam just as much to that as Shake It Off.

I think people are pulling the race card because they have nothing else to pull from. They can’t talk about her boyfriends or who she’s dated or whatever so they start pulling just ridiculous things out their asses. 

It’s a shame but Taylor Swift is ALWAYS going to have something picked out about her and I think she’s learned to deal with that very well. I just can’t see the day where someone can’t just take a music video, or a song, or an album, or interview for what it is. 

If you’re going to criticize something so boldy and give off this feeling that you know what you’re talking about at least watch the video. You may actually get a little smarter and see that there are black people all throughout that video.

So please, no more pulling shit out of your ass and hating someone just to hate them. Knowing Taylor she’s going to ignore it and make a pop selling chart crushing song. So at the end of the day, I think she wins.  

personally, this song is really great. Sure, not lyrically the best but girl is going to go to the top with this. and the music video? absolute PERFECTION. 

Album 5 info

  • "shake it off" is the first single off the album
  • Album is entitled 1989
  • you can preorder the album at taylorswift.com
  • the album will be in stores October 27th
  • Deluxe edition will include voice memos taken from her phone recordings
  • there will be secret msgs including a 13 set of polaroid pictures
  • finally, 1989 swift sweepstakes. 

for more information taylorswift.com

When you like someone like Taylor Swift, you  don’t just like her (well some do) but us here on Tumblr devote our lives to her. We not only know her music, her TV interviews, we know bits and pieces of her apartments, we know her band, we know her cats, we know who she’s friends with. 

If in fact Grant and Caitlin are leaving the agency, it’s sad for us. It’s the same as if Meredith were to die tomorrow…it would be a shock, a mystery and it would be sad. 

So while we are fans of Taylor Swift, we are bigger fans because we become attached to the things that involve her. So this is a big deal for us…

Everyone thinks yahoo! is a random place to have her live chat. I use yahoo! haha I use it as my news headquarters haha also I use it for my email. I’m glad she’s using a different platform, especially yahoo!

Taylor arriving at her apartment looking spicy as ever. I love the combination of blue and tan. I love the red lip, her hair, the raybans, the tan purse and the tan shoes. It’s just a wonderful combination. Although the dress  is a little short for my taste, Taylor can definitely work it! 

*listening to stay, stay, stay and Ryan is in the room*
ryan: she sounds a bit crazy. she threw her phone at him.
me: *glares*

I saw a girl in Applebees with a Taylor Swift shirt on and I seriously felt like I knew her. 

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